During the 1960s, when the original founder Todd Newman was growing up, his grandmother used to mix a variety of cocoas to make the perfect hot chocolate for all her grandkids. Year after year this signature recipe was a treasured family secret until, in 1994, Todd Newman and his partners decided to transform their hidden treasure into a recipe which could be duplicated to share with the world.

Our product’s recipe began to take shape in 1995, when we profiled every existing gourmet hot cocoa. We discovered that most product lines relied heavily upon artificial flavorings, fragrances, and colorants. From the start, we knew we wanted a cocoa that was genuine in both color and flavor, derived only from the finest cocoas available and not reliant on artificial additives.


Cocoa pub Distributors Inc. created Cup of Coa, custom blends of only the finest cocoas. Produced and distributed in Salt Lake City Utah.

Cup of CoaTM received the Best New Product Award at Coffee Fest Seattle 2001 during its national debut.

Official sponsored cocoa for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cup of CoaTM was given the Best New Product Award in the Ready to Drink category at the SCAA Conference and Exhibition in 2002.

After successfully launching throughout the united states, Cup of Coa was bought out by Cathy Mettenbrink and Steve Sickler of Barista’s Daily Grind and production commenced in Chicago 2004. BDG was expanding its franchice with 6 stores operating over 4 states and 18 stores in the works. Cup of Coa was the perfect marriage for a shop with the leading reputation in the country.

Cup of CoaTM is sold in national chains such as Nordstroms and Sur La Table.

Distribution was moved to Nebraska the home of Barista’s Daily Grind and ownership passed on to Jasmin Mcginnis.

Cup of CoaTM was given the Best New Product Award at Coffee Fest San Antonio 2021.

Throughout our rich history, we’ve worked hard to create the perfect, authentic, gourmet cocoa blend.