You can purchase Cup of Coa™ either as wholesale from us or retail through our hand-selected resellers. For a current list of retail resellers or to order wholesale, visit this page here.

To sell Cup of Coa at your store, please complete a vendor application. If you are a retail or boutique store, complete this application. If you are a coffee shop or restaurant, please complete this application.

On your vendor application, please let us know how you plan to sell it. For example, as mixed-by-the-cup for a coffee shop or restaurant, by package at a retail location or distributor). Once your application has been submitted, a sales rep will contact you, give you pricing, and determine with you the best way to share Cup of Coa™ with the world.

Great question!

First off, we profiled over 85 different cocoa beverages from around the world. We tested each drink’s aroma, color, taste, mouth-feel, and aftertaste. We found that no cocoa mix had all the qualities we were looking for in a single product. We produced our recipe to our specifications.

Cup of Coa™ is the only mix-with-water hot chocolate recipe that stands on its own and can be prepared hot, frozen or reduced down to a sauce.

Possibly. Please complete our wholesale form by clicking here. We will review your business information and determine if you are eligible for wholesale pricing. Once you submit the form, we will immediately share pricing with you.

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